Wind Dancer Kennels--Now a Solar-Powered Kennel

Providing the best care for your dog!


     68440 280th Street, Colo, IA 50056 (641)377-2158 
    FAX# (515)337-8061

About Us

Established in 1996, Wind Dancer Kennels is located in rural Story County. This family owned and operated 20-run kennel is a clean, well maintained facility,  built with your dogs comfort in mind.  Our mission continues to be quality boarding at a reasonable price.  You can rely on us whether you’re away for a few days or weeks.   We accommodate all shapes, sizes, breeds and temperaments and strive to provide the best care possible, working with our clients to meet any special needs their pet may have. Contact us

 Kennel Features

  •  Large individual indoor/outdoor runs
    4' x 10' indoor attached to individual 4' x 10' outdoor run or
    4' x 6 ' indoor attached to individual 4' x 10' outdoor run 
    Dogs have free access to outdoor run during the day!
  • Heated kennel floors
  • Central heat & central air
  • Large 2 acre fenced play area
  • Supervised group play 3 times/day
  • Temperament testing helps determine appropriate playmates
  • Experienced caregivers monitor the health and well-being of your pet
  • Affordable,  all inclusive prices
  • Custom care tailored to your dogs needs
  • Have questions?  Contact us

Look mom,  there's room to play chase me!